Welcome to the website for the University of Washington COVID Litigation.

The Court-appointed Plaintiff Alexander Barry, on behalf of himself and the Class (defined below), alleges that he and Class Members have the right to partial refunds of tuition and fees for the Winter Quarter 2020 or Spring Quarter 2020 because Defendant transitioned to remote instruction in March 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plaintiff Alexander Barry sues under CR 23(a), (b)(2), and CR 23 (b)(3), on behalf of himself and a Class defined as follows:

All students who were enrolled in and paid for the University of Washington’s in-person based educational programs, services, and courses for the Winter Quarter 2020 or Spring Quarter2020 academic term(s).

Excluded from the Class is UW, any entity in which UW has a controlling interest, and UW’s legal representatives, predecessors, successors, assigns, and non-student employees. Further excluded from the Class is this Court and its employees.

Your Legal Rights and Options in This Lawsuit
Exclude Yourself To exclude yourself from the Class, you must send a letter by first-class mail or email stating that you “request exclusion from the Class in Barry v. University of Washington, Case No. 20-2-13924-6-SEA.” Your request must state your full name, address, and telephone number, and be signed. If you are signing on behalf of a Class Member (such as an estate, corporation, or partnership). Please indicate your full name and the basis of your authority to act on behalf of the Class Member. You must mail your exclusion request, such that it is received by January 9, 2024, to University of Washington COVID Litigation, c/o Epiq Class Action & Claims Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 3727, Portland, OR 97208-3727 or by email at info@UniversityofWashingtonCovidLitigation.com.
Do Nothing If you fall within the definition of the Class set forth above, you are a member of the Class.